Current Projects 

  • Chavis, C., Jeihani, M., Rakha, H., “Quantifying the Impact of On-Street Parking on Congestion Mitigation”, $170,000 ($100,000 MSU), 2016-Present.

  • Rahka H., Jeihani, M., Chavis, C., “Eco-Speed Control for Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Buses in the Vicinity of Signalized Intersections”, $200,000 ($50,000 MSU), 2016-Present.

  • Aghdashi, B., Chavis, C., Jeihani, M., “Impact of Level of Service on Driver’s Behavior on Arterials – Insights into Validity of Simulated Environments”, $107,549 ($27,640 MSU), 2016 – Present

Recently Completed Projects

  • Golub, A., Karner, A., Chavis, C., Wrigley, A., “Understanding Regional Disparities in Public Transit Performance using Real-time Transit Data, $63,705 ($31,002 MSU), 2015 - 2016.

  • Chavis, C., Gayah, V., Miller-Hooks, E., Schonfeld, Paul, “Integration of Multimodal Transportation Systems”, $153,301, ($36,766 MSU), 2014 – 2015.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Click here for updated CV

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